Our farm is located in the beautiful pristine Whitsundays just a stone throw from the Pacific Ocean.

We are passionate about practicing sustainable farming. We do not use any synthetically derived fertilizes or any chemically derived insecticides or herbicides.
All of our petals are safe to eat and can be used for culinary purposes. They can also be used safely in cosmetic preparations.

The majority of our petals are fragrant and maintain their scent throughout the freeze-drying process.

Our petals have many uses:

  • Create your own rose water or rose extract using our freeze-dried petals
  • Use our lovely petals to say goodbye to a loved one
  • Create a bridal carpet of rose petals on your special day
  • Shower a bride with graceful rose confetti
  • Use the petals for cake decoration
  • Add freeze-dried rose petal powder to your cosmetic formulations

The possible uses are endless.