For how many petals to use for your event please see our Guide to Using Petals

If I live outside of the Whitsundays area, can I order fresh rose petals?

No, Unfortunately fresh petals will not last in the transit to any other places.

What are the advantages of freeze-dried rose petals over fresh rose petals?

Freeze dried rose petals retain their colours during the freeze-drying process and have a much longer shelf life than fresh; they have a greater flexibility; they will not stain or mark fabric and table linens when crushed.

Can I float my freeze-dried rose petals in water for romantic effect?

No. However, fresh rose petals look divine scattered in a bowl / bath / swimming pool, with some floating candles.

When do I use my rose petals?

This is mostly a matter for personal choice, but here are some ideas:

Shower the bride and groom with fresh or freeze-dried rose petals at the appropriate moment.

  • Float fresh rose petals in a bowl of water or a warm bath to add a sensual touch to a day spa, or just your own bathroom.
  • Scatter brightly coloured freeze-dried rose petals around place settings at a wedding or function, or your own dining room table, to create a natural elegance.
  • Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume to a bowl of freeze-dried rose petals to create a simple pot pourri.
Can I use rose petals I have obtained from Paradise Rose Petals in cooking, or to decorate food?

Yes, we use no chemical or insecticides on our roses. We are aiming towards becoming certified organic in the near future.

When should I order my fresh or freeze dried rose petals?

If you would like to order rose petals for a specific function, please place order at least 30 days before the event, so that we can ensure we have the petals that you require. If this is not possible, please understand that we may not have the rose petals that you require.

What shipping do you provide for your rose petals?

All petals can be sent express or standard post to ensure they get to you as soon as possible. The petals are packed in plastic cylinders then in a box to protect them whilst in transit to you. Pick Up is available for those who can pick up petals from the Whitsunday’s. Please contact us to arrange this.

How long do freeze dried petals last?

Freeze dried petals last approximately 2 months if kept in an air tight container.

Are freeze dried petals crispy or hard?

No, Freeze dried petals loosen up with the moisture in the air, they are not very different from fresh petals.